So we all know that sometimes programs will break down on us.  As frustrating as this can be, it also may be quite simple to resolve.  Most current Windows Applications have a repair function built into the install package.  To access this feature, follow these steps.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Navigate inside the Control Panel to Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs and Features (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1), and Open it (double click)

3. Select the Application from the list of installed Programs.  There will be buttons that will appear at the top of the Window for Uninstall, Repair and Change.  (Not all buttons will appear for every application).

4. Select the Repair Button, and follow the on screen prompts in the Install Wizard.

5. As a precautionary measure, restart the computer at the end of the repair, whether it asks for a restart or not.

Once the computer comes back up, attempt to use the application again.

If this doesn't resolve your issue, or you would like assistance navigating through these steps, please contact our support department by opening a ticket.